Diastology lab

Diastology Lab is an ultrasound medical education project developed by Thomas Brough. It strives to embrace the hippocratic tradition of sharing knowledge to help health practitioners achieve mastery of their craft. The project is subsidised through the goodwill of friends, colleagues, and MUSKETEER participants.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
— Isaac Newton, 1676

What We've Achieved

  • MUSKETEER program for junior  practitioners to develop bedside ultrasound skills
  • Remote accreditation service for scans conducted by course graduates
  • Training program meets ACEM requirements of POCUS courser
  • Online sono-support and mentorship
  • Fostering a guild of future critical care practitioners
  • Online access to detailed compendium of ultrasound education resources
  • Specialty courses for advanced practitioners
  • Spaced repetition teaching techniques to maximise educational yield