Our teaching faculty

We have a diverse range of educators on our teaching faculty.

Course graduates are invited to return to join the team.


Thomas Brough, MBBS (HONS), MC-CU, Advanced trainee ACEM

Tom started teaching himself ultrasound after dating a radiographer early in his career and developing a pathological fear of ionising radiation. After many years of graded exposure and morbidity + mortality meeting psychotherapy he has thankfully overcome this phobia.   Nevertheless, he has been left with an enduring ideology that the integration of clinical ultrasound into daily EM practice will enhance clinical judgement and patient safety just as much as it will sharpen diagnostic accuracy.  Tom has a masters degree in clinical ultrasound with a special interest in echocardiography. 

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As the education lead for junior medical staff at Bendigo Hospital, Wolfgang links the faculty with the sono-curious doctors currently rotating to roles outside of the emergency department. A serial education exporter, he has travelled internationally multiple times to help facilitate the development of EM in Mongolia.  With posts at Western Health as well as Bendigo, Wolfgang in a man for all seasons who balances his clinical kraftwerk with motorcycles, brewing and bee-keeping. He is currently undertaking studies in echo through the Medical University of Vienna.  

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Khiem is an ultrasound aficionado who brings thoughtful consideration and wisdom to the faculty. As well as hosting an informal finishing school for trainees approaching fellowship, he juggles clinical work between Bendigo and Austin Hospitalin Melbourne.  Khiem has a love of bedside teaching and advocacy for junior doctors on the floor.  He is a Bendigo Co-DEMT and concurrently studying postgraduate ultrasound courses through Melbourne University and the Medical University of Vienna. 

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BEN MCKenzie, mbbs, facem, afracma, G.certemerghealth (aeromed)

Ben’s enthusiasm and passion for clinical teaching is well known, as he strives to help trainees become champions of sanity. With side projects in medical administration and pre-hospital medicine, he is also a Co-DEMT. When Ben is not in Bendigo ED or coordinating retrievals for Adult Retrieval Victoria, he is cunningly evicting wombats from his farm near Trentham. 

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MARK PUTLAND, mbbs, facem, G.certemerghealth (aeromed)

Despite divesting his DEMT burden for in exchange for the political machinations of ED directorship, Mark hasn’t been able to completely escape the medical education scene. Even with a salubrious love of all things malted, he manages to set a model example of diastolic function (e' 16cm/s at rest!!!). A Fulbright scholar with experience at the Shock Trauma Center in Maryland, USA, Mark is the incoming Director of Emergency Medicine at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, giving the MUSKETEER faculty a new foothold in tertiary territory.